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GLAM Acrylic Liquid


USP : Absorbs quickly, Odourless

Weight : 120 ml

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Glam Acrylic Liquid is used in acrylic extensions and to create amazing 3d nail designs using colour powders. Acrylic liquid is also known as “Monomer. Acrylic liquid is used in sculpting natural nail overlay, & nail extensions with polymer powder (acrylic powder). GLAM Acrylic Liquid is a low odour liquid based anti-yellowing monomer for true colour visibility. It is a medium drying liquid which helps one to take their own time to sculpt the nails properly with greater ease. It gives strength to nail extensions with maximum product adhesion to nails. It helps in smooth product application which leads to less buffing of the product. It can be used with all glam acrylic powders, & 3d acrylic colour powders. Acrylic Liquid slides easily on nails lasts long and twirls creamily when mixed with acrylic powder. No harmful chemicals are involved that would lead to any reaction on the nails and skin. The quantity of acrylic liquid is 120 ml. Acrylic Liquid can suffice for a minimum 20-25clients. It is highly recommended for Salon Professionals.

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Weight 245 g
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 12.72 cm


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