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GLAM Next Generation UV Led 1.0


USP : 48 watt, Cured UV/LED gels, Timer available,50000 Hours Lifetime .

Unit : 1 pc

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Glam Next Generation UV Led 1.0 is used for healing LED and UV gels in seconds and comes with a sleek design which runs on 48 watts. It has sensor technology; the machine starts once hands are put in it and automatically turns off once hands are pulled out. The LCD display counts down the seconds as gels are curing in the lamp. It also has timer settings options available in 30/60/90 seconds mode. It’s made to be portable and lightweight and can be used at home as well as in a professional salon setting. It’s made to be easy and safe to use.  


  •  Comfortable eye contact, does not burn the eyes and relieve burning sensation 
  • Double light source(365+405nm) LEDs to cure UV Gel/Builder/LED Gel  
  • 21 pcs strategically placed LEDs 
  • 50,000  Hours Lifetime 
  • Smart Painless Builder/Hand Gel Curing
  • Smart double speed curing 
  • Smart time memory function 
  • Smart Sensor 
  • Smart Digital Time Display 
  • Smart Cover- temperature protection 

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Weight780 g
Dimensions18.18 × 20.52 × 8.33 cm


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