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GLAM Stamping Set


USP : For stamping nail art, Cost friendly, Clean results, Easy to use. 

Unit : 1 pc

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Glam Stamping Set includes a stamp, acrylic scraper and stamping plate. By using the set, one can get perfect print results using Glam stamping polish. It is fun to use and designs can be copied in seconds from stamping plates within seconds.  GLAM Stamping Set is very easy to apply and clean the plate, stamp and Scraper. Stamping Set is travel friendly, compact and durable. Glam Stamping Set is suitable for every occasion. It is for professional and personal use.  

Glam Stamping Set is also known as Nail stamping kit for women, stamping kit for nails, Nail Stamping Kit, Stamping Nail, Best Nail Stamping Kits, Nail Stamping Plates, Nail Art Stamping Kit.

Benefits of GLAM Stamping Set:

– Includes stamp, acrylic scraper, and stamping plate.

– Achieve perfect print results using Glam stamping polish.

– Fun and quick way to copy designs from stamping plates.

– Easy to apply and clean the plate, stamp, and scraper.

–  Above All, Travel-friendly, compact, and durable.

– Suitable for every occasion.

– In addition, Suitable for professional and personal use.

How to use GLAM Stamping Set:

  1. Firstly, Apply stamping polish onto the desired design on the stamping plate.
  2. Secondly, Scrape off excess polish using the acrylic scraper.
  3. Press the stamp onto the design to pick up the pattern.
  4. Align the stamp with the desired location on the nail.
  5. Press the stamp onto the nail to transfer the design.
  6. Repeat the process for additional designs or colors.
  7. Clean the plate, stamp, and scraper after use.


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