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Love Your Nails UV/LED Lamp 48 Watt


USP : 48 watts, Cured UV/LED gels, Timer available, 50,000 Hours Lifetime.

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Love Your Nails UV/LED Lamp 48 Watt

Spacious enough to accommodate both hands or both feet of all shapes and sizes.

Cures all kinds of nail gel polish: LED gel, UV gel, Builder gel, Sculpture gel etc.

Won’t damage/blacken skin or hurt the eyes.

Suitable both for home and salon use.

A perfect solution to speed up the drying process and protect the polish surface from dings and smudges!

SMART NAIL LAMP: Love Your Nails UV LED Curing Lamp can be used for drying most types of nail gel polish and extensions including hard gels, UV/LED gels, CND Shellac, OPI, sculpture, guilders, and builders

DIGITAL TIME DISPLAY: The built-in LCD screen displays nail-drying time and is equipped with a time memory function that you can set in 10, 30, 60, or 99 seconds low heat mode.

SMART SENSOR: Our professional fingernail and toenail LED nail lamp has infra-red sensors that automatically turn on or off the gel nail light when you slide your hand or foot in and out.

SUPER SPACIOUS: It is large enough to fit both hands or both feet inside at the same time! Our UV manicure light can dry nails evenly and speed up your at-home nail curing!

DOUBLE LIGHT SOURCE: Our 48W heat lamp is equipped with 365 + 405 mm LED bulbs that can last up to 50,000 hours lifetime


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