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Directors desk – By Dipika Parihar

Greetings from The Nail Art School,
Welcome and thank you for choosing to visit the website of The Nail Art School which is a renowned Institute for Educational Development in Nail Art and Nail Extensions. As the Director of The Nail Art School I want to convey that our Mission is to be an Institution of distinction that is committed to the development of creativity and  innovation by disseminating knowledge on the core principles of: quality, access, impact and relevance.

As you all know we are living in a fast changing world, a changing society, progressing at a galloping speed, impact of science, scientific research, technological development, globalization on our daily life is vibrant and unavoidable, So the need to be geared up for tomorrow is for greater than ever before. Opportunities before us are immense and the task is onerous.

With our training courses we make sure that the nail aspirants become perfect with the service they will be delivering to their clients at their work place. We give assured job placements to our students. Along with preparing of the broad base of training in teaching methodology, skills and educational administration through intensive practice on nails includes practicing with professional tools and essentials which prepares the students towards their journey of professional nail artist. Originality and a feeling of one’s own dignity are achieved only through hardwork. Hardwork has no substitute.

Only those who work hard, succeed. A student can never come out with flying colours unless he or she has really worked hard throughout the learning process. According to Albert Schweitzer “If a person loves what he is doing, he will be successful.” “For everyone of us that succeeds, its because there’s somebody there to show you the way out” we’re one of them.