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Our basic Level-1 course provides detailed training on nail extensions (Temporary and Permanent both) This course is perfect for a beginner who wants to learn the fundamentals. It’s also perfect for an experienced nail technician, as an upgradation course. The course lasts for 7 days, (a total of 25 hours), with 3.5 hours of dedicated training per day. The course provides a thorough understanding of nail shapes, anatomy, express manicure and detailed training on nail extensions and advanced nail art with practice on live models.

TNAS is India’s Number 1 Nail Academy, the only nail academy which offers both thorough education, professional training, professional set up kits for freelancers, salon set up with business training and commercial counselling. We don’t just provide you nail education but we also make sure that you understand the market and develop your business using your skills. We assure you 100%job placement after the completion of your course.
We understand and provide you required knowledge to set up your own nail salon or spa. Our expert panel, our awareness of current nail market trends and needs, our versatile and vast syllabus – all of these are geared to give you the best advantage in your career.

TNAS has its headquarters in Mumbai, where it provides in-depth training to all students. We started our nail academy in Mumbai and are established here. We have our other branch in Bangalore, we are coming up with many branches all over India, check our website for more updates.

Our Complete Nail Bar Kit course is meant for those wanting to set up their own Salon and Spa. So, if you are looking to start your own unique and exclusive Nail Spa, our Complete Nail Bar Kit will boost demand for your services. It’s the ultimate kit for spa start-ups, which will give your clients a complete satisfaction after the nail service. Our kit will give you a complete set up with gel and acrylic system products, high-quality gel polishes, tools, brushes, accessories, and machinery. Along with the contents, the Complete Nail Bar Kit comes with detailed guidance and training on how to use the products, application techniques, tips and tricks and business consultation.

All our courses, including our Kits consist of detailed business consultation, along with business ideas and tips on how to set up and manage your own nail salon. We have included this very important content in all our courses because we understand the nail-art market in India. There’s no point in sending a student out there with just training and certification without the proper survival guidance. So, whether you want to work at a nail bar or salon or you want to set up on your own, our detailed consultation and presentations will help you get there.

If you are a professional make-up artist, you are already having your inputs in the fashion industry and nails are a huge part of it. Considering this, we would recommend that you take the Level 3- Nail Tech Program 1 - A Professional course to become a full-fledged nail artist. To know more about this course kindly contact us on 8080008987.

Courses & Kits

The basic nail art course teaches you how to fix and manage both temporary nail extensions. The basic course includes training on nail shapes, nail anatomy, express manicure plus detailed instruction on nail art. This course will help you to explore your personal artistic skills at your own pace and improve your creative thinking.
Advanced nail art courses train you on upgrading skills and techniques that turn you into a proper nail art professional. The course includes French manicure, creative nail art, various nail effects, temporary and permanent nail extensions and practice on live models. After you complete your advanced nail art course at TNAS, you are ready to work as a senior nail-art professional at any nail salon or spa and open up your own nail tech business.

Each nail tech training course at TNAS lasts for different durations, it starts with minimum 1 day training and lasts up to 6 Months. The different durations are as follows:
• Crash Course for Permanent Nail Extensions lasts for 3 days (a total of 18 hours) at 6 hours a day.
• Crash Course for Advanced Gel nail Art lasts for 4 days (a total of 24 hours) at 6 hours a day.
• Level 1: Beginner Program lasts for 7 days (a total of 25 hours), at 3.5 hours a day.
• Level 2: Advance Program lasts for 15 days, (a total of 53 hours) at 3.5 hours per day.
• Level 3: Nail Tech Program-1 lasts for 30 days (a total of 105 hours), at 3.5 hours a day.
• Level 4: Nail Tech Program-2 lasts for 60 days (a total of 210 hours), at 3.5 hours a day.
• Level 5: Trainer Program (Diploma Course) lasts for 180 days (a total of 630 hours) at 3.5 hours per day. This course is structured to cover 4 months of training plus 2 months of internship.

Artificial nails or Temporary nails are known as fake nail extensions. The temporary nail service is done with the help of nail glue. It can normally stay up to 2 weeks. This nail service can be completed in minimum time.
Permanent nail extensions are of three types; Gel Extensions, Acrylic Extensions & Poly Gel Extensions. These nails stay up to 4 weeks. The products like Builder gel, Acrylic Powders and Poly gels are the essentials which are used to keep these nails strong and long lasting.

The Nail Art School offers different courses depending on the level you choose and its duration. The courses are as follows:
• Basic nail art course
• Advance nail art course
• Nail technician course
• Nail educator course
• Diploma course

We offer various professional nail kits such as –
• Nail Art Kit
• Advance Nail Art Kit
• Gel Polish Kit
• Gel Polish and Advance Nail Art Kit
• Poly Gel Kit
• Gel Extension Kit
• Gel Extension with nail art kit
• Acrylic Extension Kit
• Acrylic Extension with Nail Art Kit
• Budget nail extension with nail art kit
• Gel & Acrylic Extension with Nail Art Kit
• Mini Nail Bar Kit
• Salon Nail Bar Kit
• Complete Nail Bar Kit.
We also provide customized kit as per the requirement

You can attend our Level 3: Nail Tech Program 1, which is for 30 days (105) hours, at 3.5 hours a day. In this course you will learn the basics – that is, shapes of nails, nail anatomy, and nail prep and express manicure, along with several aspects of temporary and permanent nail extensions, basic nail art and advanced nail art with business consultation. We also provide you the knowledge of pricing structure. In 30 days, you will be ready to work as a nail technician with complete theoretical and practical knowledge. Check out the details of this course on our site and contact us on 8080008987.

Yes, we do provide customized course training opportunities to the learners according to their needs or requirements. Anyone can choose the option of a customized course as per their availability.

Yes, we do have upgradation courses on new trends and techniques. The trained and semi trained artists can join us anytime for upskilling and becoming specialized in their work.

Yes, we do provide one day course for our learners. The timings for our 1-day course are 11 Am to 5 Pm in which you will be provided with personal trainer and certification will be done after training.

We have five main course modules, as follows:
• Crash Course on Permanent Nail Extensions
• Crash Course on Advance Gel Nail Art
• Level 1: Beginner Program
• Level 2: Advanced Program
• Level 3: Nail Tech Program -1
• Level 4: Nail Tech Program -2
• Level 5: Trainer Program (Diploma Course)

Our Crash course offers 3 days of training to learn permanent nail extensions including gel and acrylic both.

Trainings & Sessions

Yes, we do provide Online sessions for our distance learners. The Online training sessions are available for a minimum 1 day and extend up to 7 days, according to the requirements of the learner.

Yes, we do. We want to make our training accessible to everyone who has a passion for learning nail art, whether or not they’re planning to become a nail-art professional. We have special weekend batches for those who don’t have time to devote to mainstream training during the week. Anyone who has only weekends to spare, such as housewives, working people, and college students are welcome to join our weekend training batches and learn nail art.

The Nail Art School provides personal training and our trainer-student ratio is 1:1. With a trainer devoted exclusively to your learning and progress, you will find yourself free to learn at your own pace. You will receive not only strong academic theory-based training but also diligent hands-on practice training on live models. Our 1:1 mentors-to-student ratio ensures that you receive the personal attention that you deserve throughout your training with us.

Refer to course description level 4 - Nail Tech Program 2

Fees & Payments

Our Advanced Gel Nail Art crash course teaches you to nail prep, manicure, nail anatomy, gel polish application, temporary nail extension, 3D Art, Freehand nail art and various trending nail art topics. Our duration for this Crash Course is 4 days, with 6 hours per day, at Rs.20,000/- (Twenty thousand only)

Of course, you can. Sign up at our site ( with your credentials, and choose the course of your choice. The rates for each course are mentioned alongside the course name and details. You can pay securely on our site using your credit or debit cards and UPI apps. If you need any assistance while making your payment, contact us at (+91) 808 000 8987.

You will be practicing various nail art techniques and extensions using products of high quality and professional range. Your fee is all-inclusive of the cost of the materials you will be using during training. You will be doing hands-on practice on live models.

Yes, we do have instalment structure for all the courses offered by The Nail Art School. For more details kindly contact the Help Desk Number 8080008987.

Certifications, Jobs & Placements

Yes, we provide a 100% job placement guarantee after you complete your nail-art course with us. Depending on the course you choose, we can advise you on the kind of job for which you are eligible. We can also recommend further courses or Nail Art Kit sessions to help you scale to a better career option. If you want to set up your own business, we offer free business development consulting sessions as well. We can help you create a new Nail Bar setup, provide nail bar kits and branding help.

All our courses are Professionally certified. The level of the certification depends on the course chosen by the learner. Our certificate is valid at PAN India Level.

Your placement depends on the kind of training you’ve undergone and the assessment grading of your performance at TNAS. If you take a basic nail-art course, you could be placed at a nail art salon and nail spa. If you take advanced courses, or train to be an educator, we can place you at nail art academies as trainers or even help you set up your own nail salon or nail bar. The options are endless depending on your knowledge and skills. After completion of the course, you can also work as a freelancer.

Yes, definitely we give the opportunity to all trained and qualified educators graduated from The Nail Art School to work with us after the assessment and grading done by our experts. The Job criteria will be on the basis of your performance after the evaluation.

Yes, you can apply for a job internationally as we follow the globe trend syllabus and give our students the training related to new trends and techniques, so that after the training they get easily qualified for getting a job internationally.

This could vary depending on your location, place of employment and clientele. The salary is different for beginner nail art technicians and professional technicians.
So, once you are professionally trained with the right guidance your salary, no matter where you work, depends on the service you provide to your clients. Along with this certification is must from a renowned institution.

Yes, we do have an examination process after completing each level of the training offered by us. Our exams are a combination of theory and practical hands-on demonstration of techniques you’ve learnt.


The Master workshop is organized under the mentorship of our Director Miss Dipika Parihar. It is conducted on both the online and offline platforms. It is usually scheduled twice in a month. For the upcoming sessions of the Master Workshop contact us on 8080008987.

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