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GLAM 3D Mylars

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USP: For Nail art and extensions, Supports UV/LED lamp, Chameleon effect, High Quality.

Weight: 5 gms

Available Designs : Silver
Dark Pink
Holographic Gold
Holographic Green
Holographic Pink
Holographic Purple
Holographic Silver
Rose Pink
Unicorn Blue Pink
Unicorn Pink Yellow
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Glam 3D Mylar is a high-quality nail accessories that is little and sparkly. It’s used in nail art to create a three-dimensional effect on the nails. Their colors appear to change when you look at them from different angles and under varied lighting, giving them a chameleon-like impression. It provides the nails a unique appearance and makes them stand out from the crowd. It works on both natural and artificial nails, as well as any extensions. 3D Mylars require the use of Glam Nail Paint Top Coat or Gel Polish Top Coat, which must then be cured with a UV/LED lamp and picked up and adhered to the nails using the Glam Dotting Tool. It is simple to use and inexpensive. There are 12 distinct colors to choose from. It’s appropriate for any occasion. The mylar quantity is 5 grams. It can be utilized by both professional and individuals at home.

Benefits of GLAM 3D Mylars:-

  1. It’s a high-quality nail accessory that’s bling and sparkly.
  2. It gives your nails a polished, professional appearance.
  3. It changes its appearance depending on the illumination and angle.
  4. It adheres to any type of nail with ease.
  5. It’s simple to apply with a dotting tool.

How to use –

  1. After painting the nail with Glam Mani Pedi Nail Polish.
  2. Using a dotting tool, apply a top coat and place mylars on your nails.
  3. Apply a top coat to the artwork.
  4. Cure it using a UV or LED lamp.

Additional information

Available Designs

Blue, Dark Pink, Green, Holographic Gold, Holographic Green, Holographic Pink, Holographic Purple, Holographic Silver, Rose Pink, Silver, Unicorn Blue Pink, Unicorn Pink Yellow


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