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GLAM Banana Nail Buffer


USP : Two in one, Gives perfect shape, Removes shine, Easy to use, Strong grip, Banana shaped.

Grid : 100/180

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GLAM Banana Nail Buffer is a specialist precision tool for maintaining the greatest possible appearance of your nails at all times. It’s a two-in-one banana-shaped buffer that may be used on both natural and artificial nails. This buffer’s distinctive curve makes buffing around the cuticle area more comfortable. It’s used to form false nails and nail extension tips. It’s also used to remove excess product from the nail surface and level gel and acrylic extensions from all sides. It’s a 120/240 grid. The buffer blends well and effectively reduces shine. It can be used on natural or artificial nails, as well as any type of nail extensions. For reuse, the buffer can be rinsed and sterilized. It can be used on up to five different clients. Hands and feet can both benefit from the buffer. It’s incredibly quick and simple to use, and it works flawlessly. It is comfortable to handle and aids with grip tightening while in use. It’s a must-have item for any professional nail tech. It is suggested that everyone use it.

Benefits of GLAM Banana Nail Buffer :-

  1. It is the best precision buffing tool available.
  2. It takes away the extra shine from the nails.
  3. The buffer blends well.
  4. It can be used on any form of nail extension, natural or artificial.
  5. It’s easy to use and it works perfectly.
  6. It’s an essential tool for any skilled nail technician

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Weight10 g
Dimensions0.6 × 0.12 × 17.68 cm


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