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GLAM Blossom Gel

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USP : Blossom effect, Chip resistant, Supports UV/LED lamp.

Weight : 15 ml

Available Colors :
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Before making lovely bloom designs on the nails, Glam Blossom White Gel is applied. It’s also used in the wet polish procedure to give a marble look. It’s used as a white base for colourful nail designs. It can be used on all types of nails, including natural, artificial, and extension nails. It’s a high-quality, long-lasting white gel. It not only lasts for four weeks, but it also doesn’t chip, stinks, or loses its shine. It is cured using a UV/LED lamp and is simple to apply and remove. There are no dangerous substances in the formula that could cause a reaction on the nails or skin. It comes in a 15-ml bottle. It is suitable for professionals and consumers.

Glam Blossom Gel is used to create stunning nail designs with great ease and detailing. This gel is commonly known as Blossom Gel polish, Blooming Gel, Blossom Gel Clear, Blossom Gel White, Professional blossom gel etc.

Benefits –

  1. It is suitable for all types of nails.
  2. It is of great quality and lasts a long time.
  3. It is non-staining and chip-resistant.
  4. It does not quickly lose its luster.
  5. It’s simple to put on and take off.
  6. It is free of any potentially dangerous ingredients.

How to use –

  1. Evenly apply Glam Blossom Gel Polish to your nails.
  2. Put it under a UV/LED lamp to cure it.
  3. Reapply it and cure it one more.
  4. Use a Glam Dotting Tool or a Nail Art Brush to design the patterns you want on your nails.
  5. Cure with a UV/LED lamp after applying Glam Top Coat.

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Additional information

Weight65 g
Dimensions2.84 × 2.84 × 7.74 cm
Available Colors

Clear, White


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