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GLAM Box Nails

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USP : Competition nails, Balanced shape, Supports UV/LED lamp, Durable.

Unit : 12 pcs

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Glam Box Nail Tips are used majorly for competition as the name suggests to be displayed in a box. It comes in sizes of 0 to 9.It can be stuck with Glam glue or décor gel. Nail Paint can be wiped off from this tip while using Glam Non-Acetone Nail Polish remover and it won’t damage tips and new color can be applied again. They are not too thin or thick so they don’t get break while buffing. They are durable enough and easy to remove. It can also be put under a UV or LED lamp as it is made up of high-quality PP material. It is suitable for professional use. Box nails comes under in 12 pieces of packaging

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Weight25 g
Dimensions7.64 × 7.64 × 22.91 cm


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