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GLAM Cuticle Remover


USP: Removes cuticles, Removes quickly, Easy to use.

Weight: 13 ml

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Glam Cuticle Remover is a solution to clean and remove dry cuticles around Nails. It gives finger nails a makeover and removes excess dry skin from nails easily. Once applied within 30 seconds it makes the cuticle soft so that cuticles can be pushed easily with the help of a pusher. It is an ultra-fast cuticle remover and smells great. Cuticle remover will produce quick and effective results that won’t require a second application to remove cuticles. Also, worth mentioning is that this formula is 100% safe and that it doesn’t cause any skin discoloration in the long run. No harmful chemicals are present in the formula that would lead to any reaction on the nails or skin. The quantity of cuticle remover is 13 ml. It is applicable to every age group.

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Weight 55 g
Dimensions 2.64 × 2.64 × 7.64 cm


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