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GLAM Extension Removing Clips

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USP : Used in removal, Skin friendly, Saves time.

Unit : 10 pcs

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Glam Extension Removing Clips is used in removal of gel and acrylic extensions and gel and nail polish or any kind of artificial nail tips. Nails need to be soaked along with pads covered with silver foiling with Nail polish remover or Removing lotion and wrap up nails with the soaked pads and use the clips to infibulated wrapped nails. Keeping it for about 5 minutes and nail polish or extensions will be removed very cleanly. GLAM Extension Removing Clips is safe to use, does not hurt the nails, saves time and is skin friendly. It is suitable for professional and personal use. 

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Weight35 g
Dimensions0.6 × 0.6 × 5.1 cm


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