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GLAM Fiber Gel

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USP : No heat gel, Self leveling properties, Supports UV/LED lamp.

Weight : 15 ml

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Glam Fiber Gel is a base and builder gel that helps to give the nails strength. It can be used on natural nails, UV gel nails, acrylic nails, and so on. It’s used as an overlay over natural nails and on nail forms for sculpting. Fiber gel has the extra benefit of having a great self-leveling property, which saves time buffing and gives the nails proper evenness. It forms a transparent protective covering over nail cracks, aiding in nail repair and preventing damage. It’s a firm gel with a medium viscosity that provides the nails a high gloss finish. It is non-smell, non-toxic, and does not destroy the nail bed surface. It requires the use of a UV/LED lamp to cure and can last up to 21 days. The gel contains no toxic substances that could cause a reaction on the nails or skin. Fiber Gel comes in a 15-ml bottle. It is enough for 25 clients in one bottle. It’s a must-have for salon workers.

Benefits of Glam Fiber Gel –

  1. It has self-leveling qualities and spreads evenly on nails.
  2. It is transparent and protects against nail breaks while also repairing the damage.
  3. The viscosity of the gel is medium.
  4. It causes damage to your nail bed.
  5. It’s a solid gel.
  6. It has no odor and is non-toxic.

How to use :-

1.Using Glam gel cleanser and lint-free wipes, clean your nails.

  1. Buff and dust your nail with Glam Duster.
  2. Paint your nails with Glam Dehydrator and Primer.
  3. Apply Fiber gel evenly to the nail and cure with a UV or LED lamp.
  4. Apply a generous layer of Fiber Gel and cure it once more.
  5. Wipe the nail with lint-free wipes and a gel cleaner.
  6. Buff your nails and coat them with a Glam Base Coat before curing.
  7. Finally, use your favorite Glam Gel Polish to finish the look.

Additional information

Weight65 g
Dimensions2.74 × 2.74 × 7.82 cm


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