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Glam Flame Cat Eye Gel Polish

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USP: Reflective Shine, Rich Color, Super Sparkly, Ideal Effect, Long Lasting

Available Colors : FCE01
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Glam Flame Cat Eye Gel Polishes are unquestionably distinct from the typical shining finish and produce a stunning nail appearance. This polish has a chameleon hue and a true cat eye look, which creates the ideal effect. After its application, you will undoubtedly have that hot, flamed nail look. This will give your nails a bold and sassy appearance. With the help of a magnet wand, you can easily and quickly make attractive cat eye lines and other designs. It lasts upto 3-4 weeks. It take 60 seconds to dry under LED lamp & 120 seconds under UV lamp. The Flame Cat Eye Gel Polish comes in a 15 ml bottle. It is appropriate for salon professionals and nail lovers.

Glam Flame Cat Eye Gel Polishes are very distinct and give stunning look on nails. These polishes are also known as Flame Cat Eye, Cat Eye Nail Gel Polish, UV Gel Polish, Gel Nail Polish, Gel Polish Kit, Gel Nail Polish, UV Gel Nail Polish, Glam Flame Gel Polish, Flame Effect Gel Polish.

Glam Flame Cat Eye Gel Polishes Benefits:-
  1. Creates stunning chameleon hue with true cat eye look.
  2. Provides bold and sassy appearance to nails.
  3. Easy to use with magnet wand for attractive designs.
  4. Lasts up to 3-4 weeks without chipping or peeling.
How to use:-
  1. Apply it to your nails in a uniform layer.
  2. Allow the polish to settle using the Magnet wand.
  3. Put it under a UV/LED lamp to cure it.
  4. Apply Glam Top Coat and cure under UV/LED Lamp once more

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Available Colors

FCE01, FCE02, FCE03, FCE04, FCE05, FCE06


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