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GLAM French Manicure

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USP: French manicure nails, Long lasting, Chip resistant.

Unit: 4 pcs set

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GLAM French Manicure Collection & Tip Guide is used to create French manicure on the nails. Three nail polishes in pink, beige, and white, as well as a transparent shiny topcoat, make up the French Manicure Collection. It is long-lasting and pigmented, giving the nails a great glossy finish. The set will assist you in creating a traditional French manicure. Free French tip instructions in the form of a package. The guides are peel-and-stick tips that are a lot of fun to use. They aid in the creation of the French manicure in a rapid, simple, and time-saving manner. It also provides a smooth and clean finish. There are no dangerous chemicals in the formula that could cause a reaction on your nails or skin. It can be used by both professionals and individuals at home.

Benefits of GLAM French Manicure Collection & Tip Guide:-

  1. It is long lasting.
  2. It provides a high-gloss finish to the nails.
  3. It aids in the creation of a stunning French manicure.
  4. It provides a smooth and clean finish.
  5. No hazardous chemicals are used in this process.

How to use :-

  1. Apply Pink Base from French Manicure Set.
  2. Apply Second Coat.
  3. Use tip guide to create the shape with a tweezer.
  4. Apply white polish on the tip from the French Manicure Collection.
  5. Remove the tip guide with a tweezer.
  6. Seal the art with a Top Coat.

Additional information

Weight125 g
Dimensions13.15 × 2.84 × 7.72 cm


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