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Glam Nail Tip Holder with Magnetic Stand

Original price was: ₹600.00.Current price is: ₹480.00.

USPs :
  1. Effortless nail tip securing with removing clay.
  2. Magnetic stand for easy placement.
  3. Simplifies nail art process.
  4. Ideal for practice and professional presentations.
  5. Enhances precision and creativity.

Introducing our innovative Nail Tip Holder with Magnetic Stand, designed to revolutionize your nail art experience. Crafted with precision, this holder offers a convenient solution for organizing and displaying nail tips while working on your manicures.

The Magnetic Stand ensures a secure grip, preventing nail tips from shifting or falling during application. With this holder by your side, you’ll experience enhanced efficiency and accuracy in your nail art creations. It’s the perfect tool for both professional nail technicians and DIY enthusiasts.

GLAM Nail Tip Holder with Magnetic Stand is used for practicing and creating stunning nail art pieces with ease. Designed to simplify your nail art process, this innovative holder allows you to effortlessly secure nail tips using the removing clay, ensuring a secure and stable grip for precision work. With the magnetic bottom of the crystal stand, you can conveniently place the nail tip holder, providing a sturdy and reliable base for your artistic endeavors. Whether you’re practicing your nail art skills or showcasing your beautiful designs, this versatile holder is perfect for both DIY projects and professional presentations.

How to use :

  •  Place the holder on a flat surface.
  • Apply removing clay on the holder.
  • Press the nail tip onto the clay for a secure grip.
  • Attach the holder to the magnetic stand.
  • Start practicing or creating nail art.
  • Gently remove the nail tip from the holder.
  • Clean the holder and removing clay.
  • Enjoy easy and convenient nail art with GLAM Nail Tip Holder.


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