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GLAM Nail Wipes

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USP: Cost friendly, Lint-free, Super Soft, Lavender fragrance.

Unit: 36 pcs

Available Flavors : 2-Lemon
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Glam Lemon Nail Wipes is an economical and sanitary way to remove Nail Paints. The lint-free nail wipes are made of pure natural cotton fiber and it is anti-bacterial. It can be used to clean the nails without leaving behind any fibers that spoil the perfect nails. The wipes are super-soft and absorbent and it is easy to remove any kind of nail paint. Also, it can be used to clean your brushes & tools. It is a must for nail studio, salon, or at-home use. No harmful chemicals are involved in the wipes that would lead to any reaction on the nails and skin. Travel, Camping, and Fairs are the perfect times to use the wipes. Protects your hands when you’re roughing it in the wilderness or working outside. Glam Lemon Nail Wipes help prevent tears and hangnails too! The quantity of nail wipes is 36 wipes. It is travel-friendly and suitable for every age group.

Benefits of Glam Lemon Nail Wipes:-

  1. It is hygienic and cost effective.
  2. It is anti bacterial and lint free wipes.
  3. It is comprised of 100% cotton.
  4. The wipes are extremely soft and absorbent.
  5. It can also be used to clean brushes and tools.
  6. It does not have any dangerous substances in it.

How to use –

  1. Place the lint free wipes on your fingertips.
  2. Wipe the nail polish smoothly.

Additional information

Weight40 g
Dimensions5 × 5 × 3 cm
Available Flavors

2-Lemon, 3-Rose, 4-Lavender, 5-Mint


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