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GLAM Next Generation Led Lamp 8.0 – Zero Head Bulb

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  • Infrared Induction feature,
  • LCD display screen,
  • Multiple timer settings,
  • No heating sensation,
  • Adapter Interface.

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Glam next generation LED lamp 8.0 – zero head bulb comes with an LCD Display Screen, perfect for curing gel nails and acrylics without any heating sensation. Featuring four different time setting buttons, you can easily set the timer for 10s, 30s, 60s, or 99s to ensure your nails are cured to perfection. The LCD Display Screen shows the remaining time, providing convenience and allowing you to keep track of the curing process. The Infrared Induction feature provides an automatic start and stop function, meaning the lamp only turns on when you place your hand inside, saving you time and energy. The adapter interface allows for easy and convenient charging. The lamp is suitable for both salon professionals and nail lovers, providing a comfortable, efficient and convenient nail curing experience.

  • Zero head bulb for no heating sensation
  • LCD Display Screen for easy monitoring
  • Four time setting buttons for customization
  • Infrared Induction for automatic start/stop
  • Energy-saving and time-efficient
  • Comfortable, efficient, and convenient
  • Suitable for salon professionals and nail lovers
How to use:
  • Plug in and charge
  • Set timer using buttons
  • Place hand inside lamp
  • Start curing process
  • Monitor remaining time on LCD screen
  • Remove hand when timer goes off


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