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GLAM Stamping Gel

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USP : For stamping nail art, Supports UV/LED lamp, Smudge free.

Weight : 8 gms

Available Colors : Black
Gold 2
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Glam Stamping Gel is a nail art stamping gel that was created exclusively for stamping.  It gives stamping effects a whole new level. The gel was produced with a viscosity that  allows it to be readily picked up by a stamper from a stamp plate and  printed on nails without smudging or interfering with the design. It must be cured under UV or LED light and coated with a top coat after printing. The gel is thick and does not smudge or chip. It can persist up to four weeks. It comes in five different hues. There are no dangerous chemicals in the gel that could cause a reaction on the nails or skin. It comes in an 8ml bottle. It is suitable for salon professionals.

It is used for stamping intricate designs on nails. This is commonly known as  Glam Stamping Gel art, Stamping plate Gel, Stamping art gel, Gel For Stamping, Stamper gel etc.

Benefits –
  1. It’s widely used in nail art stamping.
  2. The viscosity of this gel makes it easier for the stamper to pick the gel off from the stamping plate.
  3. It doesn’t smudge in the slightest.
  4. It can be easily healed with a UV/LED bulb.
  5. The gel is thick and resistant to chipping.
  6. There are no hazardous substances in it.

How to use –

  1. Use Glam Gel Polish and cure it with a UV/LED lamp.
  2. Using the Gel Brush, choose the gel layer.
  3. Apply it to the stamping set’s desired pattern.
  4. Using a transparent stamper and firm hands, pick up the gel.
  5. Using this stamper, imprint the design on the nail.
  6. Use a UV/LED lamp to cure the top coat.

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Additional information

Weight20 g
Dimensions3 × 3 × 2.74 cm
Available Colors

Black, Gold 2, Red, Silver, White


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