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GLAM Vinyls

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USP: High-quality vinyl material, Ready designs, Easy to use.

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Master the Art of Nail Designs with Professional Nail Stencils : 

At The Nail Art School, we pride ourselves on teaching the latest trends and techniques in nail artistry. One such trend taking the nail world by storm is the use of Nail Vinyls. Innovative tools are transforming the realm of nail design, and we lead the forefront of this revolution.

For those new to the concept, adhesive stencils called Nail Art Vinyls create intricate patterns and designs on the nails. Whether you aim to achieve a simple geometric design or a complex piece of art, these vinyls are your go-to tool.

Our Glam Nail Art Vinyls collection stands out, guaranteeing that extra touch of sophistication to your nail creations. As the name suggests, the GLAM Vinyls range is all about luxury and style. Also with these vinyls, even a novice can craft designs that mirror the works of a seasoned nail artist.

The beauty of Professional Nail Stencils is their versatility. Want a quick, flawless design for a night out? Choose one of our GLAM Vinyls. Looking to explore and experiment? Beyond the aesthetics, our focus is also on quality. We make our vinyls to last, they adhere well to the nails and ensure crisp, clean designs. The Nail Art School believes in equipping its students with only the best, and our vinyl collection is a testament to that.

Additionally, if you want to elevate your nail art game, acquaint yourself with Nail Vinyls. The world of GLAM Vinyls and Professional Nail Stencils awaits, promising designs that are not just eye-catching but also impeccably crafted. Join us at The Nail Art School and let’s create magic, one nail at a time.

In conclusion, Glam Nail Art Stencils are made up of high-quality vinyl material. GLAM Vinyls looks awesome on every nail and nail length. GLAM Vinyls is suitable for every occasion. It can be used for professional as well as for personal use. 

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Weight6 g
Dimensions5.74 × 0.50 × 7.97 cm
Available Patterns

01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07


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