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GLAM Professional Brush Kit

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USP: High-quality kolinsky bristles, Exceptional durability, Comfortable wooden handles, All professional-grade brushes, Complete range in one handy kit.

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Glam Professional Brush Kit is your go-to solution for flawless nail art and extensions! Each brush in the set is crafted with precision using high-quality kolinsky bristles, ensuring exceptional performance and durability. With a comfortable wooden handle designed for a secure grip, this kit provides the perfect tools for achieving intricate designs with ease. There are 15 different brushes for creating varied nail designs. You can experience the versatility and perfection of professional- grade and high-quality brushes, all in one handy kit. Whether you’re running a salon service or practicing your nail art skills, the Glam Professional Brush Kit offers a comprehensive range of brushes, all neatly packaged for your convenience.

Brushes in the Kit:-
  • Pro Acrylic Brush 10
  • Pro Acrylic Brush 12
  • Pro Acrylic Brush 20
  • Pro Acrylic Brush No 4 For Making 3D
  • Pro Acrylic Brush No 6 For Making 3D
  • Pro Gel Carving Brush For Making 3D & 5D
  • Pro Gel Brush No 8
  • Pro One Stroke Brush
  • Pro Ombre Brush
  • Pro Round Ombre Brush
  • Pro Striper Brush
  • Pro Nail Art Brush No 0
  • Pro Nail Art Brush No 00
  • Pro Nail Art Brush No 1
  • Fan Brush


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