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UV/LED Lamp 72 Watt


USP : 72 watts, Cured UV/LED gels, Timer available.

Unit : 1 pc

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  • Function description
  1. Motion in fared sensor
  2. Digital screen
  3. Timer 10s
  4. Timer 30s
  5. Timer 60s
  6. Timer 99s in no pain mode
  7. Adapter connector
  • Attention
  1. Please read the manual carefully before operation
  2. Please use the standard adapter in case of the parameter impartialness of other adapters which will cause device damage
  3. Do not let water or other liquid into the machine to avoid lamp damage and electric shock
  4. Do not use the machine with the wrong timer
  5. Please connect the adapter when not in use in a long time
  6. Do not use the wrong adapter in case of any potential risk
  7. The continuous working time for one time should not be over 600s in case of the machine lifetime shrinkage
  8. Do not glare at the LED light to avoid eyes hurting


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