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Glam 100% Silicone Hand – For Shoots and Practice

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  • Looks real hand
  • Bone simulation design
  • Adjustable fingers
  • Nail insertable design
  • Flexible fingers
  • Ideal for professionals & academies.
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Glam Silicon Hand helps you to display and practice nail art designs. This hand looks realistic. With this you no longer need to depend on models to showcase your nail designs which saves your money & valuable time. This Silicon Hand has a bone simulation design and adjustable fingers, allowing for easy operation and posing for the perfect shot. Its nail insertable design enables you to insert nails up to 10 mm. Its flexible fingers make it effortless to bend and pose in any position, making it look just like a real hand. This product is suitable for salon professionals and nail academies.

How to use Glam Silicon Hand :
  1. Set up a clean and well-lit workspace.
  2. Place the Glam Silicon Hand on a flat surface.
  3. Adjust the fingers to the desired position.
  4. Insert desired nails up to 10mm.
  5. Apply chosen nail polish, design or decoration.
  6. Use the Glam Silicon Hand to display your work and take photographs.


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