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GLAM Foot Scraper Disposable Pads


USP: Easy to apply refill, provides safe manicure procedure, minimize infection risk.

Grid: 100/180

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GLAM Foot Scraper Disposable Pads are stick-on pads that are convenient and flexible to use. The Buffer Pads are used and throw pads that can be used on one client and can be disposed of post usage. So it is 100 % hygienic practice. The buffer on it can be easily removed and placed again after every use which also gives you assurance of no bacteria transfer. The buffer blends very well and is available in 100,150, 180, 240 grit pads. The disposable pads are highly recommended for manicure procedures in salons.

The purpose of Glam Disposable pads is to keep a high degree of hygiene. Typically, the same foot scraper is used on all clients during pedicure. This increases the odds of infection by 100 percent. As a result, utilizing it eliminates the risk of infection because they are only used on customers once. It is both cost-effective and results-oriented. It comes in a ten-piece package that can be replaced. It has a strong adhesive that keeps the pads in place during use while also being simple to remove after each service and leaving no residue. To use Disposable pads, you’ll need a Glam foot scraper disposable. The disposable pads are highly recommended for manicure procedures in personal use too.

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Dimensions2.79 × 0.02 × 8.4 cm


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