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GLAM Foot Scraper


USP: Hygienic, Steel handle, Non-slippery grip, Multi time to use.

Grid: 80/150

Offers: Pads worth Rs. 300 absolutely free with Glam foot scraper.

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Glam Foot Scraper is the one and only foot Scraper you will ever need! It is used during pedicures. It is brand new and high in quality, easy to use scraper to remove thick dead skin and callus. It is ultimate in design and can be used multiple times. Generally, after the constant and persistent use of a regular foot scraper, the pads get less effective and can no longer be used and need to be thrown. Also, it is very unhygienic to use it on another client. But with foot scraper just changes disposable pads after every use to maintain high level of hygiene. As Glam Foot Scraper comes with a detachable pads system, there is no need to buy a new foot scraper all over again and again. It is easy to use, sterilize and perfect to maintain hygiene with disposable grit pads in two different grits which are easily replaced to create a new, two-sided file for each use. The stainless-steel handle provides firm grip and leverage while filing. The 66% larger pad surface is perfect for fast filing and for thin filing areas where scraper works flexibly between areas of the feet and between toes. It is cost-friendly and saves product inventory. With  Foot Scarper, 10 pieces of the pads absolutely free with every foot scraper.

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Weight85 g
Dimensions2.79 × 0.3 × 20.62 cm


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