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GLAM Infinite Gel

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USP : Gel polish shine, No UV/LED Lamp required, No chipping, Lasts up to 10 days.

Weight : 15 ml

Available Colors : Mauve Magic - Nude Pink
Barely There - Pink Nude
Beige Age - Greyish Nude
Caramel Frappe - Brownish Nude
Chocolate Trophy - Chocolate Brown
Mauve Magic - Nude Pink
Nude Blush - Skin
Summer Melon - Shimmer Nude
Tan Fan - Mauve Nude
Toasty - Brown Nude
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If you’re looking for a clean, classic, and always cute nail color, nude is all you need. Glam Lasting Shine Nude/Brown Infinite Gel Polish Collection presents a picture of sophistication and elegance without the need to try too hard to look good. Glam Lasting Shine Nude Pink Infinite Gel Polish looks awesome with anything and will meet your needs for every occasion whether casual or formal. You’ll be stepping pretty! It is very easy to apply for everyday use and does not need UV/LED Lamp to get results like gel polish. Lasting Shine Nude Pink Infinite Shine Gel Polish gives good results when applied with Lasting Shine Base Coat and Top Coat. It lasts longer and gives your nails a shiny effect finish. This lacquer has been formulated with high quality pigments that reveal their true brightness and vividness of colors. It has high viscosity which does not chip, fade or gets dull and very easy to remove. No harmful chemicals are present in the formula which could lead to any reaction on nails and skin. The quantity of Lasting Shine Nude Pink Infinite Gel Polish is 15ml. GLAM Infinite Gel Polish – Nude/Brown can suffice for a minimum 40 clients. It is recommended for Salon Professionals and Consumers.

Benefits of GLAM Infinite Gel Polish – Nude/Brown –

  1. It’s simple to put on and take off.
  2. These polishes last a long time.
  3. It’s produced with high-quality pigments that are vibrant in colour.
  4. The viscosity of these polishes is really high.
  5. It does not easily chip or fade.
  6. It is free of any potentially dangerous ingredients.

How to use-

  1. Use Glam Cuticle Remover and a Cuticle Pusher to remove the cuticles.
  2. Wipe it down with lint-free wipes.
  3. Using Glam Buffer, remove the gloss off the nails.
  4. Apply Glam Dehydrator and Glam Primer.
  5. Use a UV/LED lamp to cure the Base Coat.
  6. Apply a thin layer of this polish and cure it with an ultraviolet/LED bulb.
  7. Reapply the polish and let it cure.
  8. To get the finest results, apply a top coat and cure it.

Additional information

Weight60 g
Dimensions2.74 × 2.74 × 7.79 cm
Available Colors

Barely There – Pink Nude, Beige Age – Greyish Nude, Caramel Frappe – Brownish Nude, Chocolate Trophy – Chocolate Brown, Mauve Magic – Nude Pink, Nude Blush – Skin, Summer Melon – Shimmer Nude, Tan Fan – Mauve Nude, Toasty – Brown Nude


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