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GLAM Next Generation 3.0 Buffing Machine

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USP : 30000 RPM, LED display, Portable .

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Glam Next Generation 3.0 Buffing Machine is used for buffing nails or removals of extensions. It has 30000 RPM power and it can be used after charging for certain times and the speed meter is shown in the LCD display located on the buffing machine. It is very light in weight. It has a specific appliance internal voltage regulator circuit which makes it gain more speed at the same time it is steady and powerful. It is compatible, easy to use, and does not vibrate or has loud noise while using it. It supports all kinds of bits. It is the easiest and quickest way to buff the nails.  

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Weight555 g
Dimensions5.81 × 2.74 × 15.59 cm


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