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GLAM Removing Lotion

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USP : Used to remove extensions, Works excellent on Gel / Acrylic and Gel polish, Easy to use.

Weight : 120 ml

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Gel extensions, acrylic extensions, and overlays may all be removed with Glam Removing Lotion. Moreover it’s simple to use and protects your natural nails from damage. In addition, the use of are moving lotion keeps the nails clean and healthy. It’s a formula with a liquid base. It simply takes 15 to 20 minutes for the removing lotion to remove the product that has been placed on the nail and After using the removing lotion, the nails are soaked in it, fully melting the product. This makes cleaning the entire process simple. Furthermore there are no dangerous chemicals in gel that could cause a reaction on the nails or skin. The removing lotion comes in a 120 ml bottle. For a minimum of 20 clients, Removing Lotion will suffice. For Salon Professionals., it comes certainly recommended.

The effective gel and gel polish remover Glam Removing Lotion melts the product extremely well. Additionally, it goes by the name Glam Acrylic Extension Remover.

Benefits :-

1. Effectively softens and eliminates gel extensions and acrylic extensions.
2. Assists in the prevention of infections in the nails.
3. Gets rid of all nail polish and gel coating.
4. Using lotion to remove it makes the whole process much easier.

How to use:-

1. Remove all of the product off the nails using a buffing cloth.
2. Soak cotton in removing lotion.
3. Place a cotton ball on the tip of each of your fingernails.

4. Wrap a piece of foil paper over each finger.
5. Use extension clips to secure each finger.
6. Allow 15 to 20 minutes for the entire process to settle.
7. Gently remove the clips, foil paper, and cotton.
8. After that, you’ll notice that the entire product has been effectively removed.

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