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GLAM Cover Pink Gel

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USP: No heat gel, Long-lasting, Medium viscosity, Mirror shine

Weight: 15 gms

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Glam Cover Pink Gel brightens the natural color of the nails. It gives the nails a faint rosy hue. It’s what’s used to make French nails. Moreover this gel is ideal for concealing flaws in natural nails. It is long-lasting and blends well with various skin tones, resulting in a fantastic and elegant nail look for all. Cover Pink Gel is a medium viscosity gel as well it is easy to apply and covers gaps, ridges, and flaws on the nails. And it also lasts for up to four weeks. Furthermore, there are no dangerous chemicals in gel that could cause a reaction on the nails or skin. The cover pink gel comes in a 15-gram package. It can last for at least 15-20 minutes. clients. It is highly recommended for Salon Professionals and nail lovers.


1.It is particularly effective at concealing gel flaws.
2. This gel effectively covers the gaps and ridges.
3. It is long-lasting and effectively matches all skin tones.
4. It improves the natural color of your nails.

How to use:-

1.Take care of your nails by cleaning, cutting, and filing them.
2. Use any nail tips you have.
3. Using a Gel brush and your fingertips, evenly spread One Step Clear Gel.
4. Cure the nails in the Glam UV / LED Lamp for 1 or 2 minutes.
5. Apply cover pink gel evenly to the tips of your nails.
6. Put it under a UV/LED lamp to cure it.
7. Buff your nails to get rid of any excess product.
8. Use lint-free wipes to clean your nails.
9. Finally, apply a top coat and cure under a UV or LED lamp to complete the process.


Additional information

Weight95 g
Dimensions3.14 × 3.14 × 3.2 cm


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