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GLAM Gel Cleanser

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USP : Removes stickiness, No curing, Quick dry, Easy to use

Weight : 120 ml

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Glam Gel Cleanser is the last step used during the application of gel extensions. It helps to remove the sticky and tacky layer of the gel. The added benefit of a cleanser is it helps to clean the stickiness present on the brushes. It also dries quickly and does not need UV/LED Lamp to cure. No harmful chemicals are present in gel which could lead to any reaction on nails and skin. The quantity of gel cleanser is 120 ml. It can suffice for a minimum of 30 clients. It is highly recommended for Salon Professionals.

Benefits :-

1. It is light weight and have a gel like consistency.

2. The consistency goes deep into the pores and removes the excess layer of the gel extensions.

3. This gel cleanser also removes the excess product from the brushes used for gel extensions.

4. It dries really quickly.

How to use:-

1. After the top coat is cured, wipe nails with gel cleanser to remove any tacky residue of the gel extensions.

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Weight272 g
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