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GLAM Sterilizer 1.0

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USP : Sterilizes 99.9%, Easy to use, High quality LED bulb.

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Glam Sterilizer destroys all kinds of bacteria and germs. It kills the germs in just 2 minutes with a sterilizing rate of 99.9%. It is portable, fast, efficient and comes with an inbuilt talking feature which informs us about the starting and finishing process of sterilization. It is the best tool to sterilize nails, nippers, tweezers, brushes, buffers, scissors and makeup brushes etc. The sterilizer can be cleaned and re-used for a long time. It has an advanced luxury styling, saving space with a comfortable and stylish body shape. Moreover, energy saving and sterilization are much better than conventional sterilization with steam heating. Glam sterilizer is an ideal tools sterilizer for salon and home use.  

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Weight455 g
Dimensions20.62 × 8.28 × 8.33 cm


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