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GLAM Cat Eye Gel

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USP : Long lasting up to 21 days, Cat eye effect, No chipping, Supports UV/LED lamp.

Weight : 15 ml

Available Colors : Copper
Peacock Blue
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Glam Cat Eye Gel Polish is gorgeous and charming, attracting attention at first glance. The color of the cat eye line will shift dramatically depending on the viewing angle. It can be used on natural nails, false nails, and extensions of any kind. With the help of a magnet wand, you can easily and quickly make attractive cat eye stone lines and other designs. When used with Glam Black Gel Polish, It creates a stunning look. It dries rapidly, is smudge-proof, and lasts 3-4 weeks. To treat it, you’ll need a UV/LED lamp. There are no dangerous chemicals in the polish that could cause adverse problems on the nails. It  comes in a 15 ml bottle. It is appropriate for salon professionals and nail lovers.

Benefits of Glam Cat Eye Gel Polish-

  1. Cat Eye Gel Polish’s color shifts with different viewing angles, making it more appealing.
  2. It is smudge-proof and dries quickly.
  3. It can last from three to four weeks.
  4. There are no harsh chemicals in this.
  5. It’s simple to use with the magic wand.

How to use:-

  1. Paint your nails with black gel polish and cure them under a UV/LED lamp.
  2. Apply It to your nails in a uniform layer.
  3. Allow the polish to settle using the Cat Eye Polish Magnet wand.
  4. Put it under a UV/LED lamp to cure it.
  5. Apply Glam Top Coat and cure under UV/LED Lamp once more

Additional information

Weight65 g
Dimensions2.74 × 2.74 × 7.82 cm
Available Colors

Copper, Gold, Green, Peacock Blue, Pink, Purple


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