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GLAM One Step Clear Gel


USP :  No heat gel, Long-lasting, Medium viscosity, Mirror shine

Weight : 30 gms

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Glam One Step Clear Gel is the ideal product for gel overlays and gel extensions . It can also be used to sculpt nails and give them a crystal-clear finish. In addition this gel is unique because it is a three-in-one transparent gel that may be used as a base, builder, and top-coat. It has self-leveling characteristics and uniformly spreads throughout the nails due to its medium viscosity. The gel is simple to apply and remove from the nails. Furthermore the gel’s recipe contains no strong adhesives, which means it won’t cause any reactions or infections on the natural nail plate. This gel’s amount is 30 gms, which is enough for 15 to 20 clients. It is highly recommended to salon professionals and Nail Lovers.

Benefits of One Step Clear Gel :-

1. It is ideal gel for nail sculpting.
2. It is long lasting and available in ample quantity.
3. It gives your nails added protection.
4. It dries quickly.
5. It looks and feels like natural nails.

How to use :-

1.Clean, Cut and File your nails
2. Stick nail tips
3. Spread One step clear gel evenly with Gel brush on your fingertips
4. Cure the nails for 1 or 2 minutes under Glam UV / LED Lamp.
5. Buff your nails for removing the extra product.
6. Clean your nails with lint free wipes
7. Then, seal the one step clear gel with top coat and cure under UV / LED lamp.

Additional information

Weight 120 g
Dimensions 5.20 × 5.20 × 3.25 cm


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