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GLAM Cover Pink Powder

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USP : Tiny particle Powder, Mix easily with acrylic liquid, Does not damage brush

Weight : 25 gms

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Acrylic extension nails are made using Glam cover pink powder. Additionally this powder can also be used to conceal the nail bed, on nail biters to give the appearance of a longer nail bed, for nail sculpting, and for French nail extensions and also to create a French nail tip on extensions, combine with white powder. Uniquely it’s a powder that’s high-quality, bubble-free, and guaranteed not to yellow. It gives the nails a reddish tint.

Moreover it aids in hardening of the nails. Most importantly the minute microscopic granules powder quickly and readily mixes with acrylic liquid and dries quickly, additionally saving time. The powder is not cured with an LED/UV lamp. Furthermore, there are no dangerous chemicals in gel that could cause a reaction on the nails or skin. The cover pink powder weighs 25 gms. Cover Pink Powder is enough for at least 40 clients. For Salon Professionals, it comes highly recommended.

Glam Cover Pink Powder is an opaque powder which is an excellent in creating acrylic extensions.This peach acrylic powder is an efficient acrylic French base powder which is also known as Glam Cover Pink Polymer and Glam Cover Pink Acrylic Powder.

Benefits of Glam cover pink powder:-

1. It’s utilized to quickly and easily construct acrylic extensions with a high-quality finish.
2. It has a good concealing effect on the nail bed.
3. A single application can last for a long time.
4. When applied, the delicate texture feels wonderful.
5. It takes less time for the polish to dry on your nails.
6. The quantity is sufficient to serve at least 40 consumers.

How to use:-

1. Make sure the nail bed is adequately prepped by removing any polish and washing it with acetone before applying your Glam Cover Pink powder.
2. This powder can be used on natural nails or nail tips.
3. To prevent lifting after application, brush away the gloss on the nail plate and apply primer and dehydrator to the entire nail bed.

4. Now, take your brush and dip it into the monomer. Then wipe away any surplus liquid so that it collects at the brush’s end. Now, gently press the brush tip into the powder’s surface, gathering enough powder to cover the entire nail.

5.Using the body of the brush, spread and tap the acrylic into the nail, and if necessary, dip into monomer during application to promote pliability.

6. Lightly tap to allow for a smooth application; this will also help you save time during filing.
7. Allow for thorough drying of the powder.
8. After the nail has dried, hand file the side walls and use a buffer to smooth off the top. Simply apply a polish top coat over this powder once you’ve finished filing.

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Weight145 g
Dimensions5.28 × 5.28 × 5.2 cm


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