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GLAM Primer

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USP : No curing, Quick dry, Easy to use

Weight : 15 ml

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Glam Primer is applied prior to the application of gel polish, gel extensions, acrylic extensions, overlays and poly gel. Gel nails, gel extensions, and as well as acrylic extensions can all benefit from it. Moreover the primer helps to generate a coarse surface that aids appropriate adherence and keeps the grip of the product, extending the life of your manicure. Additionally the primer’s outstanding feature is that it dries quickly and does not require UV/LED lamps curing. Furthermore there are no dangerous chemicals in gel that could cause a reaction on the nails or skin. The primer is 15 ml in size. For a minimum of 50 clients, Primer will suffice. It comes highly recommended by Salon Professionals and nail enthusiasts alike.

Glam Nail Primer is a fantastic product holder because it is constructed of ph bond, which maintains the product’s outstanding grip on the nails and ultimately causes it to lengthen the life of the manicure.

Benefits of Glam Primer:-

1. It aids in the removal of excess oil or grease from the nail plate.
2. It aids in the prevention of chipping and lifting of the nail.
3. It prolongs and strengthens the manicure.
4. It can be used on gel and acrylic extensions with ease.

How to use:-

1. Use a buffing machine to buff your nails first.
2. Use the Glam duster to dust it.
3. Use your fingertips to apply primer.
4. Your gel manicure or acrylic extension will last longer after these steps.

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