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GLAM French White Gel

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USP: No heat gel, Long-lasting, Medium viscosity, Mirror shine

Weight: 15 gms

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GLAM French White Gel is extensively used for French extensions. So it can be used for French sculpting too. It is applied after the application of cover pink gel. But gel is applicable on any length of extension tips. It gives a whitish effect to the nails. The highly pigmented gel helps to create the perfect smile line. The thick viscosity of the gel helps to keep the level consistent on the nails. Also no harmful chemicals are present in gel which could lead to any reaction on nails and skin. Moreover, the quantity of French white gel is of 15 Gms. It can suffice for a minimum of 30 clients. It is highly recommended for Salon Professionals.

Glam French White Gel is a white builder gel which is a perfect French Extension Gel. This is mostly used for making French manicure. It is also known as UV White Gel, UV extension gel or UV gel.


Benefits :-

1. It provides excellent french look on your nails
2. It can be used after cover pink gel effectively
3. It keeps your nail tips stronger for longer duration
4. It has medium viscosity.
5. It helps your nail polish or nail art to last longer.

How to use:-

1.Clean, Cut and File your nails
2. Stick any nail tips
3. Spread Cover Pink Gel evenly on your nail bed.
4. Spread White French Gel on the edges of your nails.
3. Then, you can spread One step clear gel evenly with Gel brush on your fingertips.
4. Cure the nails for 1 or 2 minutes under Glam UV / LED Lamp.
5. Buff your nails for removing the extra product.
6. Clean your nails with lint free wipes
7. Then, seal the entire process with a top coat and cure under UV / LED lamp.

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Additional information

Weight95 g
Dimensions3.14 × 3.14 × 3.2 cm


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